3 Niagara Falls Halloween Activities Not To Miss

3 Niagara Falls Halloween Activities Not To Miss

Looking for something fun and exciting to do this year for halloween? Look no further!

Niagara Falls is quite possibly one of the best places to enjoy halloween with it’s numerous haunted houses, entertainment venues and special events to choose from.

We have taken it upon ourselves to research all of the halloween activities going on this year in Niagara Falls and chose our 3 favorite to share with you.

1) Niagara Falls haunted houses

This is a great activity for people of all ages that are actually open all year round. The haunted houses in Niagara Falls are world class to say the least and will have you terrified regardless of how old you are or how macho you believe you are.

close-up portrait of a horrible scary zombie man. horror. halloween.

Our favorite one of these haunted houses, and probably the scariest one of all, is Nightmares Fear Factory located at the top of Clifton Hill. In this haunted house you will be taken through a labyrinth of pitch black rooms where you will be frightened at every turn.

To date nearly 150,000 people have chickened out before reaching the end. Will you be the next to chicken out or do you have what it takes to face your deepest fears?

2) Haunt Manor Hayrides and Haunted Houses

Open every weekend from September 24th to October 30th, Haunt Manor is a well known haunted attraction in Niagara Falls that happens annually. The setting for this attraction takes place on a 220 year old farm where two soldiers from the Pew family died during the war of 1812. People still report seeing appearances of their ghosts and those of a mother and two children in the attic of the Haunt Manor.

Every year at the Haunt Manor there is a corn maze, haunted hayride and 7 themed haunted houses. The best part is that even if you have been here in previous years, the theme changes every year for new spooky surprises.

3) Candle Lit Ghost Tours of Fort George

Fort George is a historic site located in Niagara On The Lake where several battles were fought between British and American troops in the early 1800s. The fort was nearly destroyed during the war but was rebuilt to its original form in the 1930s and ever since has been a popular tourist attraction. Guided tours happen daily where some people have reported experiencing shadows and voices of past residents of Fort George.

Visit Fort George on halloween for a special 2 hour candle lit tour where you will be taken into the scariest rooms of the haunted fort and will be told frightening stories that are not part of the usual tour.

What’s your favorite Niagara Falls halloween attraction?

These are just some of the many Niagara Falls halloween attractions going on this year. If you have a chance to make it to Niagara Falls for halloween we would love to hear what you think of these attractions and any other spooky events that you took part in.